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We have worked in different regions and we always like to hear that we were able to improve the lives of those we helped. Have a look at some of our accomplishments.

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Distribution of Pads in Tanant.

By Denizalp Goktas on September 14, 2019

We have partnered with Dar Taliba to expand our campaign to the Tanant region! The action funded by HAPPIH and led in Tanant aimed to provide girls in boarding schools in the region with three re-usable pads each which are expected to stand 3 years of use. The action was led by Cassandra Broadwin, a volunteer working for the Peace Corps. The distribution of pads was followed up by information sessions which aimed to inform the young girls and isntructors at the boarding school about feminine hygiene!

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Distribution of Pads in Rural Areas of Marrakech.

By Denizalp Goktas on June 24, 2019

Between the 15th and 17th of December, the HAPPIH team lead its first project in the Marrakech region. Throughout the three days, the teams has met 125 girls from lower class families and gave every girl a re-usable sanitary pad. The distribution was also accompanied with a meeting with every family. The meetings aimed to inform the families about female hygiene practices and encourage the families to keep their daughters schooled.

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